"The Original Healthy Soft Serve".  Cocowhip™ is made with  Coconut Water, Organic Bio-Fermented Coconut Powder & Vegetable Sourced stabilisers. Cocowhip™ not only tastes delicious but is 100% Vegan, Gluten and dairy-free and packed with probiotics making it the perfect snack or treat for both adults and kids.


In a “Coco-nut-shell”: Coconut Water for complete hydration, Biofermented Probiotics for gut & intestinal health, & highly nutritious superfoods for maximum performance and energy. CocoWhip™ is completely free of Dairy, Soy, Gluten & is 100% Vegan friendly. There are five CocoWhip™ variants, each offering unique nutritional value characteristics.


We are delivering delicious justice daily at our flagship restaurant BSKT Cafe located on the sunny Gold Coast, Mermaid Beach and now at reseller locations around Australia. Come and try the new taste of summer and good health.