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Bring Cocowhip to your cafe, restaurant or pop up stall!

At Cocowhip, we love healthy businesses and believe in partnering with like-minded people whose goals for delicious, healthy alternatives align with our own. With a real passion for what we do, we’ve decided to only partner with businesses who are committed to upholding the ideals of Cocowhip.

Why resellers love partnering with Cocowhip

An image of a berrilicious Cocowhip creation with fresh fruit

Its already a favourite

Cocowhip is well-known around the globe as a delicious frozen treat that tastes fabulous on its own or sprinkled with healthy toppings.

An image of Acaiwhip, figs and waffles

Make classics new again

Spice up your menu classics with some Cocowhip! Buckwheat pancakes, waffles and smoothie bowls are our faves.

A bowl of fruit and granola topped with Cocowhip

Make your menu inclusive

Let your menu appeal to a wide range of demographics, dietary requirements & tastebuds without skimping on flavour.

A woman holding a Cocowhip breakfast bowl

The flavour factor

By now, you’ve probably got the idea about how delicious Cocowhip really is. We’ve got loads of topping ideas too – check them out here.

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