Day in the life of a…Vegetarian!

Day in the life of a…Vegetarian!

Ever wondered what a vegetarian eats in a day to fuel a healthy, balanced lifestyle? Here’s an example of how to power your day with strength-building protein, energy-giving carbs and body-balancing fats from a Clinical Nutritionists point of view!

So, what is Vegetarianism? It’s really a lifestyle and dietary approach avoiding the consumption of meat, poultry, fish and other animal products of your choosing. Vegetarians usually includes eggs, dairy products and honey into their diets.

Being a vegetarian can be great for your health, but just like any other diet, it’s all about what you put in that counts! Meeting your body’s individual nutrition requirements is a must, and eating a wholefoods-based, balanced diet is the key to great health.

We ask our in-house Vego (and degree-certified clinical nutritionist!), Audrey Wright, to give us a snapshot of a day in the life of a Vegetarian.

An Every Day Vegetarian Diet

Breakfast: Two scrambled eggs and spinach topped w/ crumbled feta cheese and one serving of oatmeal with mixed berries and a drizzle of maple

Morning Tea: A delicious oat milk latte

Lunch: Mexican style, with rice, beans, guacamole, bean tortilla chips and salsa for a ‘Nacho Bowl’

Afternoon Snack: If I’m feeling savoury, I’ll go for carrot sticks and peanut butter. If I want something a little more sweet, I go for a nourishing Cocowhip bowl topped with fruits and granola!

Dinner: Greek takeaway of falafel, salad, hummus and pita

Introducing Cocowhip

Cocowhip is suitable for any dietary lifestyle, but vegans and vegetarians especially will be impressed by how well this creamy, rich and satisfying treat can also compliment ones nutrition naturally and deliciously!

Cocowhip is the perfect breaky to start the day or a refreshing afternoon pick-me-up on the go; ensuring that your body is nourished and taste buds are satisfied.

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